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Our library is a friendly communal space in our school and everyone is welcome. It is well equipped with computers, a large book collection, games and activities for students to use. We have a state of the art film and editing suite plus a stylish tropical courtyard. We have colourful and imaginative displays to feature our resources.

Please come and see us some time.



Library Staff


We are fortunate to have a well-staffed library. Teacher Librarian Leanne Jeffrey and Library Aide Jill Udovicich are here to help you anytime.

They are currently assisted by community volunteer helpers Gail and Jung Hye and Year 6 library monitors.


Opening Times for the library


The library is open before school from 8.15 am until at least 3.30 pm. The library is open at first break for students but closed at second break. If for an unforseen reason the library is unable to be opened at these scheduled times, there will a notice placed on the door.


Borrowing at Mitchie

All students require a library bag or satchel with them in order to borrow books from the library. Books also need to be returned in a waterproof bag. The school uniform shop sells high quality library bags and this is our recommendation, however a clean, dry, plastic shopping bag is acceptable.

The following are the borrowing limits for each year level. Students may choose any combination of Fiction and Non Fiction.

Prep – 1 book
Year 1 – 2 books
Year 2 – 2 books
Year 3 – 3 books
Year 4 – 4 books
Year 5 – 5 books
Year 6 – 5 books

Regrettably students with overdue loans may not borrow anything new until the outstanding books are returned.


Damaged and Lost Books

If your child’s book has loose pages or some damage please just bring it back and we will repair it. Please don’t repair pages etc. at home because we use special tapes etc. that are durable and more suitable than commonly used domestic tapes.

Please come and see us if you are having trouble finding a book. We will double check on the shelf to make sure it hasn’t been mistakenly shelved without being scanned. Please also be assured that we encourage your child to check their classroom and the other homes they may live in as books usually have a way of turning up when they are least expected.  

Mitchelton State School has a policy that lost or damaged books need to be paid for by the borrower’s family and families will be invoiced for this cost. 

It is a last resort that we seek payment. If the book is returned after payment is made, then the payment is also returned. 

Please encourage your child to take care of our books: keeping them away from drink bottles, pets, younger siblings etc. as the cost of replacement is high and as books go out of print they are not always easy to replace.  

Keeping library books in a safe and consistent place at home will help you find them when you need them.

Special Events


Book Fair 

The library hosts a Book Fair each year as part of the Mitchie BAM (Books, Art, and Music) festivities. The Book Fair is a highly anticipated event for students and gives the library commission from sales that enable us to purchase new equipment for the library. Past years have raised money for touch screen computers, iPads etc.

Book Week

This is held in association with BAM and utilises the annual theme for Children’s Book Week. The theme for 2016 is Australia: Story Country.

Authors in Residence

The library hosted Justin D’Ath and Andy Wright (storyteller) for a Writer’s in Residence Day. This was a hugely exciting day of stimulating talk about books, stories and literature, story writing techniques and crazy mad storytelling performances.
                             Andy Wright                                                                          Justin D'Ath